Sales- and Marketing channels

To enter a new market fast and effective, building a distribution channel may prove to be a good solution. In this form of partnership the products or services of a vendor will be sold by local resellers or agents. The vendor will support its partners with marketing activities and reward its partners with a margin or rebate on sold goods.

When you decide to start a channel, you will be confronted with a lot of questions: Will you appoint a distributor or not? What kind of partners are you looking for? Why should they do business with you and not with your competitor? How do you support your partners? Are your terms and conditions competitive? How do you evaluate your partners and last but not least: How do you find the right partner?

Channels are frequently applied in ICT, retail, pharma and high-tech industries.

Partner Performance offers strategic support during the definition of your go-to-market strategy, these services: Partner strategy assessments and workshops, terms and conditions and profiling of your ideal partner.

With our initiative Partner Navigator we can support you with market research, partner acquisition and lead generation programs.

Besides consultancy Partner Performance will offer a number of specialized tools to manage and facilitate communication with your partners: PRM (partner relationship management) software, partner loyalty check and partner satisfaction research and developing a competitive partner program.